We put your safety above your convenience.

In contrast to other platforms or methods that allow you to store sensitive data, we prioritize security and privacy above all else. Multi layered encryption and a decentralized network of servers ensure that your data is safe and secure.

1. Encrypt


Encrypt data in your browser using a secure passphrase.

2. Store


The data gets split up and stored on a decentralised network.

3. Check in

Life checks

Respond to a monthly life check notification.

4. Pass on


No longer around? Your beneficiaries can initiate the inheritance process.

Common questions

Step 1

Inherible encrypts, cuts up and stores all your sensitive data in a decentralized network. Inherible is a noncustodial service, which means we do not have access to your data.

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Which encryption methods are used?
We use a combination of encryption methods like AES-256 and xChaCha20-Poly1305 to encrypt your data. This way we ensure when a vulnerability is found in one of the encryption methods, the other methods will still be able to protect your data and we can deprecate the vulnerable method.
What is the passphrase used for?
The Passphrase is provided by you and is used to directly encrypt your data directly on your device. This way we can ensure that even if all our security layers are bypassed, your data still can't be decrypted without the passphrase.
Do I have to remember the passphrase?
This is up to you. Inherible offers you the option of encrypting the passphrase and storing it safely for you, so you don't have to remember it. You can also choose to store the passphrase elsewhere yourself, but be sure to share it with your beneficiaries.
How can you guarantee nobody can see my data?
We apply multiple layers of encryption to your data and break it down into multiple pieces that are then stored on a decentralized network. This combined with the additional client-side encryption layer makes it impossible for us to decrypt your data.

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