Inherible is the inheritable crypto vault you've been waiting for.

Worlds first Inheritable Crypto Vault

Inherible   /ˈɪnhərəb(ə)l/
The ability to be passed on to the next generation...
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In a nutshell

Secure by design

Stay anonymous and safe with the Inherible decentralised vault solution for your digital assets

#1 cause of lost crypto is lost private keys. Inherible is the solution to this problem. We ensure your private keys are always accessible to you and, once you are no longer around, to your loved ones.

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What Inherible offers

A decentralised vault, built-in inheritance system, and personal support. Inherible offers it all.

Inherible provides secure storage of your digital assets. Private key storage, password storage, and more

Decentralised Vault

Inherible ensures whatever you want to keep secure, and private, stays secure, and private.

Inherible makes crypto inheritance possible.

Web3 Inheritance

When you are no longer around Inherible ensures your loved ones securely gain access to the digital data you stored with us.

Inherible provides personal inheritance support of your digital assets


We at Inherible see our customers for what they are, human. Our service reflects this. We are at your disposal via live chat, e-mail and, soon, a direct phone line as well.

In short

Inherible is a decentralized and inheritable vault, where you can store not only private keys, but also master passwords and other digital properties.

How it works in detail
How Inherible stores your keys.
By using a gigantic decentralized storage network we can split your encrypted data up into many pieces and store small chunks of it on many different nodes. This also includes a redundancy layer, meaning, we don't need all the pieces to re-assemble your key again.
How Inherible keeps you anonymous.
This depends on you. Your payment information and email can give us some details about you. However, all your data is encrypted, which means we can't connect anything you store with us to your identity. The email you share with us is only used for important communication like life checks. We will never share your email with third parties and it is encrypted in our database, so even if the data would be compromised your email address would be safe.
How Inherible avoids government intervention.
All data on our service is encrypted and stored on a distributed web3 network. We don't have access to your data and we don't share your data with third parties. We don't work with the government and we don't have any plans to do so in the future.
How Inherible protects your privacy.
Since Inherible is not a financial institution, so we don't have to comply with any 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) legislation for our customers that store their keys with us. We only ask for the data we need to provide our service. We don't share your data with third parties and we don't use your data for any other purpose than providing our service.
Inherible provides secure storage of your digital assets. Private key storage, password storage, and more

Inherible employs the power of web3 to ensure nobody can access your data even if we would get hacked.

You don't have to trust us

Encryption and Storage

Cross-chain inheritance and private key storage are possible and secure with Inherible

All data you store with us you will first encrypt on your local machine. After this we will encrypt it again, cut it up, encrypt every piece again, and store it on a decentralized network. This way we can ensure that even if we would get hacked, your data will stay safe.

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“You guys really hit the sweet spot in making crypto inheritance accessible and easy.”

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All data is treated the same way as if you were a paying customer, the only difference being that all your data is automatically deleted after 24 hours or at the end of your session.

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